Dresses can be classified based on their length below the waist, a midi dress is one that extends between the lower thigh and ankle area, they are a good length for most dresses such as lace cuts, frocks, full sleeve gowns, and also work with various fabrics like satin, sequin, and cotton as well, some designers may use luxurious fabric such to give a more metallic of fluid like look. These are comfortable to wear and can be paired with multiple accessories. This blog dives into the best ways you can style your Midi dresses to impress the people around you.

What is a Midi Dress?

Before you start purchasing every pretty midi dress in sight and pairing it with your own unique accessories you must understand what a midi dress is. A midi dress is a garment where the hem ends halfway between the ankle and knee. For some time now designers have made a midi dress that ends mid-calf but these days they’re has been a feeling that ending at the mid-calf is not liked by many people who wear it as you’ll read in the midi dress styling tips written below.

Style Tips For Midi Dresses

Even in the large variety of midi dress designs and color combinations, there should be some general similarities that you can work on no matter the occasion or time of the year you are in. Every girl has her own unique body, some may prefer slim-fit midi dresses as some may want a little more room to breathe and a more relaxed fit, so remember to pick and modify your outfit based on this preference.

Given below are the guidelines you should follow while wearing and styling your midi dresses;

  • You should select a length that is above or below mid-calf; as this design would give the look of being a more complete head-to-toe dress and not look too small for you as it is sometimes portrayed. The mesh fabric above the metallic dress goes over the mid-calf, whereas the metallic dress ends above the mid-calf, this is done to distribute the fabric more evenly and bring a flow to the dress while you walk. If you can find a midi dress that suits these specifications, You should definitely go for it compared to other options. A midi dress that ends at the mid-calf, which is the thickest part of the leg, can give a misguided look to your legs. Look for a midi dress that ends a little bit above or below the mid-calf.
  • If you prefer wearing sensual heels; elongate the leg and fix the stumpy look that midi dresses sometimes give by wearing strappy high heels. A shoe is like a minimal high heel, something that gives you height without the extra weight of a chunky (big and uncomfortable) shoe.
  • If you want to pair a midi dress with a fancy shoe, you should avoid anything that is too bulky or heavier as it will make it hard to walk and tiresome, most of the time taking away from the aesthetic of the whole outfit. If you do find a shoe that complements the outfit, pick from platform sandals, heavy boots, or sneakers. If you can roll with that look this is a great option but most girls would find it hard to walk as it would be uncomfortable for long periods of time.
  • Buy a midi dress in lighter fabrics so that your midi dress looks stunning but doesn’t add considerable weight to your figure. Prefer getting a layered dress, like the midi dress with cardigans or short leather or denim jackets. One famous trend right now is getting a mesh window pane pattern layered over the dress so it gives the outfit a metallic finish while keeping it light and well-circulated with airflow. This openness will help you not look short and stocky.
  • Wear a Slim Belt, if you don’t want to wear a midi dress without an accessory that showcases your waist, you will look like a layer of fabric with no details. Make sure the slim or waist belt you wearing has a muted color tone so it doesn’t take away from the outfit’s aesthetic. Adding a belt to your midi dress is almost necessary to increase its appeal. Unless of course, you want to put forth a comfortable yet easy summer look. If you are still unsure about this try a belt on next time you go to dinner and test it out with the photos and mirror selfies of the evening.
  • You should always look to be in a solid color or the same pattern from top to bottom as this is not a dress that works well with numerous variations of colors mashed together. If you want a hint of design but don’t want it to be overwhelming, pick a dress that has hidden undertones of design.  The best patterns for such an aesthetic are small tiny polka dots. floral patterns, you get the idea!


You now know how you can style your midi dress to give the best impression among your friends and family, while also putting forth a strong fashion statement. To get such dresses and accessories and specific outfits for occasions visit ‘HELLO MOLLY’ as they provide you with a wide amount of choices and deliver to your doorstep in no time. So you can rock your new outfit as soon as possible.

By Grace