Soundarya SharmaSoundarya Sharma

The rise of Over-the-top media service has made one things sure that actors do not have to just worry about getting a role in the movie or living as there are not other ways to do it. With the arrival of OTT, many new shows have come up. And all these shows are giving work to new and well-known starts on OTT. Like they have now option to work on a movie as well as web series. Even it is arriving new reality shows that tell how big of a game-changer it has been. It, in a way, helps the entertanirement industry to bring new talents who deserve to get the work ahead of others.

Like Revathi Pillai is one good example that she has a stable like with the help of web series. She started with TVF’s master web series in Yeh Meri Family in 2018 and rest is all history. This shows a lot about the impact of OTT that one does not need the support of Dharma Productions, YRK, T Series or others to reach at the top as now there are many other players in the market that give work to newcomers.

Like Soundarya Sharma is a find of Big Boss season 16 in many ways – but there are an were OTT shows that have made her famous all over the world. This is something that tells a lot about how OTT is a gift for newcomers with no powerful personality behind them. It is something that shows the power of OTT platforms to the best of levels.

In the last many years, people are shifting from cable channels to OTT platforms and it is something that is working very well to make sure that things can turn to be the best in many different ways.

Making new stars

Bollywood is defamed for only giving chances to those who are from the industry and in fact 80 per cent of leaders in the film industry are doing the same.

This shows the gap in the industry that was there to fill. And even general public wanted newcomers to get right chances to move ahead. Hence, the need of OTT platform has come forth. They have done the work that Bollywood did not able to and many of the OTT stars do not even need the Bollywood movies to make an impact at the best of levels.

Final Words

Bollywood has been great for many and but most of the people that get the benefits are from the industry. This is why there seems to be a need of the platforms that can work very well in the favour of those who really want to work at hard at the best. It does indeed shows the impact OTT platforms can make to the best of best levels. That newcomers can make an impact and it is even providing actress to work late in the careers. This is another benefit of the OTT platform at the best level. 

By Grace