If you live in an area at risk of hurricanes or other tropical storms, consider investing in hurricane windows. This option is more expensive than Storm shutters or plywood but offers many benefits, including break-in protection and potentially lower insurance.

Many opt for hammering plywood sheets over their windows during stormy weather, but this isn’t a very convenient or attractive solution. It is also labor-intensive and time-consuming.

They Are Stronger Than Ordinary Windows

Hurricane windows are engineered to withstand much harsher weather than standard glass windows. They typically feature a PVB inter-layer sealed between two glass panes, which means they can withstand even the strongest hurricanes, storms, and burglaries.

When ordinary window glass breaks, it often fragments into sharp, jagged pieces, which can be very dangerous, but hurricane windows are designed to remain intact. This reduces the risk of injury as well as property damage.

Another benefit of installing hurricane windows is that they offer 24/7 protection against break-ins and can improve a home’s value. In addition, homeowners may qualify for a reduction in insurance premiums when they install hurricane-resistant windows.

Traditionally, homeowners who want to protect their windows during storms would cover them with plywood. While plywood offers some protection, it is less effective than hurricane window protection. For a more effective and long-term solution, homeowners should consider a combination of hurricane windows and shutters.

They Are More Energy Efficient

The glass used for hurricane-resistant windows is tempered glass that undergoes a process that increases its strength and durability. If it does crack, it will fragment into small pieces instead of forming sharp shards. This feature minimizes injuries from flying debris and other storm-related damage and protects against forced break-ins.

In addition to protecting a home from hurricanes and other severe weather, impact-resistant windows help regulate the indoor temperature and reduce energy bills. These windows block cold air during the winter and outdoor heat in the summer, which can significantly reduce your utility bills.

Installing impact-resistant windows is an excellent investment for homeowners in hurricane-prone areas. They will help keep a house comfortable and increase its value simultaneously, making them an ideal replacement for older or less durable windows. Additionally, they may qualify homeowners for homeowner’s insurance rate reductions. This is particularly true in Florida, where several insurance companies provide discounts to homeowners who opt for impact-resistant windows.

They Are More Durable

If you live in an area susceptible to hurricanes and other severe storms, it’s reasonable to want to protect your home from wind-borne debris that can shatter window glass. Plywood boards are one option, but they need help to install correctly and require you to be available before the storm hits. They also look unattractive and can be dangerous if they fall during the storm, so you need to remove them as soon as the danger is over.

Hurricane windows have a laminate layer between the window panes and can withstand hurricane-force winds without shattering. This makes them safer than plywood boards and offers better protection against burglaries since thieves will have a more challenging time trying to break into your home through the glass. Additionally, hurricane windows reduce outside noise transmission into homes, which is a big plus for homeowners who struggle to fall asleep due to barking dogs or traffic from nearby streets.

They Are Affordable

Often, a set of hurricane windows will cost less than repairing a broken window. They also provide significant savings in energy bills and may even qualify for a tax credit depending on the home’s location.

Unlike plywood, which must be cut to size and pre-installed before a storm, impact-resistant windows come with sliding ridges that make them easy to install, even for those without a ladder. Additionally, they look like regular windows and don’t detract from the aesthetics of a home.

If you are considering hurricane windows, it is essential to get multiple quotes and schedule the work before the start of the hurricane season. If you do, you can take advantage of the hurricane tax credit and enjoy consistently lower utility bills that will eventually pay for the cost of the windows. Also, hurricane protection allows you to negotiate breaks on your insurance premiums.

By Grace