As a contractor or home builder, it takes a lot of work to keep track of everything while managing your projects. To save time and efficiency, many contractors are now switching to construction estimating software to take off construction projects with advanced technology and tools. Even with the right software, there are challenges in training your team with construction software. So, how do you get proficient with the features of construction software? This blog will discuss some valuable tips on preparing your team for construction estimating software, including how it can be an asset to construction organizations. 

Advantages of Using Estimating Software in Construction

Implementing software in your work is the biggest change you can experience. It changes how you perform your tasks and promotes unity among your team. Gone are the days when contractors used to spend days over dozens of paperwork and manual documentation. Now, with estimating software, the construction industry is experiencing technological advancements at its peak. Let’s discuss a few advantages of estimating software implementation for effective take off construction: 

Speedy Estimating Process

Traditional estimating methods were very long and time-consuming, which affected the timelines of projects. Estimating software ensures faster speed along with data accuracy. It has reduced the need to perform manual tasks and generates estimates within fractions of time. 

Customized Solutions

Every business has unique needs and commitments. Therefore, there is a need for a highly customized solution like estimating software to take off construction in a professional way. The software’s features tailor your estimates to specific project requirements and regional factors.

Better Communication Experience

Effective communication is the key to proper team management among stakeholders. This gives them a clear picture of your estimated requirements and ensures everyone on the team is on the same page. Clear and effective communication also promotes unity and understanding. 

Cloud-Based Solution

In this competitive marketplace, if you have access to cloud-based software, you gain a competitive edge for your business. Cloud-based estimating software ensures you can update and access estimates anytime and anywhere. 

Scenario Analysis

You can run “what-if” scenarios with estimation software. You may simulate several strategies to evaluate the impact of changes in materials, labor prices, or project scope, allowing you to make smarter decisions.

Training Tips of Construction Estimating Software for Your Team 

When introducing estimating software to your business, there are several steps you can follow to get your team to adopt the software tools. If you are having trouble with team training on software undertaking and team management, here are some tips you can consider: 

Cover Basics First

 To master the software, it’s crucial to excel in basics first and then try the advanced features. Before starting team training, familiarize yourself with the software’s performance. It will take a little time, but if you refer to tutorials, user manuals, or videos from the software provider, you can save time on learning. 

Identify Skill Levels 

Understand that in your team, everyone might have different skill sets since there can be beginners in the team. When learning software functions, they might have varying levels of familiarity. It is best to assess their skills and locate responsibilities accordingly. 

Role-Based Training 

There are different roles in the construction process, like project managers, cost analysts, estimators, and stakeholders. To provide in-depth and precise training, you can train your team per their roles. Plan your training based on these roles to ensure each team member acquires the skills needed to excel.

Provide Training Materials

For more comprehensive and practical learning, provide learning materials such as manuals, guides, online courses, or video tutorials to your team members. You can also encourage the team to explore these materials independently, as it will help them to learn things without getting any assistance. 

Hands-On Learning and Training 

Hands-on learning promotes problem-solving and boosts the confidence of team members. In-person training helps to resolve the team’s queries and leads to better retention of knowledge. This also allows the team to be proficient with the software’s working ways with reduced errors. 

Real-Life Application 

Once your team has passed the learning and training phase, it is time to assess their skills performance with software implementation on real projects. Nothing beats practical experience. Initially, start with smaller projects to evaluate the risk mitigation to provide a safe working environment. 

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By Grace