.875 as a fraction..875 as a fraction.

Everything in the universe is based and works on the concept of Mathematics. Beginning from the elements of the universe to human beings living on the earth and other planets ( hypothetically) are actively performing any task because of mathematics. Mathematics defines infinity and infinity defines the universe. Fraction is one of the major and most valued key elements of the mathematical world and this element has its own contribution to this universe. If we talk about when fractional numbers came into existence we can go approximately as Egyptians used to use this p/ q form around 4000 years back, it might have existed before that. The power of Fraction is immense as it has its own qualities and contributions. It is said that Fibonacci was the first Egyptian to use this numerical factor.

What is a Fraction?

Fraction means when any number is written or represented in the form of p/q then it is counted as a Fraction value. The fraction word is derived from the Latin word ‘fractio’ which means breaking down or parts. Fraction is also a part of the whole, it has a numerator ( upper value in the fraction which represents ‘p’)and denominator ( lower value in the fraction which represents ‘q’). For e.g.:- 7/8, 3/5, 10/15, 6/7, 8/4, 3/6, 9/11, 22/8, 1034/16, 234/15 and more. Also, the conversion of .875 as a fraction.

Features of Fraction

  • Fractions have two parts.
  • The upper part is called the numerator and the lower part is called the denominator.
  • The denominator in a fraction can never be zero.
  • Commutative and Associative properties possess true for fractional multiplication and fractional addition.
  • Element identity for fractional multiplication is 1 ( One ) and for fractional addition is 0 ( Zero ).

Significance of Fraction

  • Fractions are important factors as they define and tell us what portion of a whole we want, need or have.
  • Fraction helps to understand the proportion of ingredients to be used or required for the calculation to get the exact solution for the given problem.
  • Fraction is used to get an accurate measurement.
  • Fraction also helps us to determine our Body Mass Index (BMI) to indicate our health status and whether we are healthy or not.
  • Decimals are converted into fractions to understand the proportion level. The form of the fraction is one of the simplest forms of the complex decimal value in the form of numerator and denominator or p/q.

Muscles of Fraction

Fraction is one of the major and valued concepts of mathematics. Fraction helps to simplify complex decimal values into p/ q form whether the decimal values are terminating numbers, non-terminating numbers, recurring numbers or non-recurring numbers. Fraction value is also counted as the final solution to the problem up to some level in the world. Mathematics is required everywhere or we can even say that everything in the world is actively working, walking, standing, sitting or following any kind of task is able to go because of calculation. Fractional value should never have the value ‘0’ at the denominator as it is an invalid or error.

By Grace