If you’ve done any kind of research into the Taurus Model 44 handgun, you’ll have immediately noticed that it’s a hefty unit but a very appealing one in terms of aesthetics. Naturally, the size of this handgun, which is chambered in the powerful .44 magnum, makes it rather unsuitable for concealed carry – unless you happen to have Andre the Giant-type stature. 

Given that this is the case, why would you actually buy one from a practical standpoint? What would be your motivations for doing so? In this blog, we examine the best use-case scenarios for this popular sidearm so that you can make the best possible decision for your bank and your shooting purposes. 

A Range of Uses For the Taurus Model 44

While it might be just too bulky for concealed carrying, the Taurus Model 44 is useful in a number of other scenarios, so let’s see what they are. 

  • Hunting – while a rifle is most people’s choice when it comes to hunting, there are a few instances when having a quality sidearm like this on your hip can be a good thing to have. For instance, there will be terrain through which you might find that a rifle is too cumbersome, and the power of a 44 magnum can be used for both medium and large game. 

All in all, in terms of hunting, this handgun makes a great backup weapon and that extra bit of reassurance for personal protection when you’re in dangerous animal country. 

  • Target Shooting – This Taurus handgun has quite a bit of recoil, so if you’re a target shooter and you want a bit of a challenge, then it makes quite an interesting prospect. As such, if you’re proficient with simpler options and you want to practice and improve your pistol skills, this could be a good option. 
  • Home Defense – One of the best features of this handgun is the major stopping power you typically associate with a 44 magnum. When intruders come into your home, you need to know that you can put them down with just one or two shots and with this one, that’s never going to be a problem when you hit them center mass. 

Revolvers are also known for their high levels of reliability and being much smaller than a shotgun, carbine or AR15, finding suitable storage spaces is not a problem. 

Camping in Bear Country – Some people find the idea of camping in bear country a little too treacherous, but plenty don’t. So, if you find yourself living in the midst of bears or other dangerous creatures, then a 44 is a great thing to have with you for peace of mind. 

Being as reliable as they are, you’re not likely to be left vulnerable due to a malfunction, so this is definitely a scenario that makes it a wise investment. 

The Taurus Model 44 – Great For a Range of Reasons 

So, to recap, let’s take a look at the uses that might make this powerful Taurus revolver a good choice for your needs. If you’re a hunter and want a solid sidearm as back to your rifle, it’s a good option. If you’re a camper who often heads out in the wilderness in Montana, Idaho or Wyoming, again, it’s a wise choice that will give you what you need. 

Finally, if you want a good handgun that offers both power and that intimidation factor, you could do much worse than consider it as your go-to option. 

By Grace