Have you always used chemical sunscreen lotions? Is it something that you’ve always done? Is it working for you? Our last question is whether you’ve ever thought about the advantages of moving over to use a mineral sunscreen. They are numerous and compelling, so stay with us as we explain. 

We’ll begin – for those new to the concept – by describing what mineral-based sunscreens are and how they work. They’re quite different from chemical options, as you’re about to find out. 

There’s No Absorption With Mineral Sunscreen 

When applying chemical sunscreens, you have to wait around 30 minutes before you can safely go out into the sun. That’s because for chemical brands to work, they have to enter the skin, after which they convert UV rays into heat and harmlessly disperse them away. Mineral sunscreen is not the same. 

Usually created from zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, physical sunscreens are called that because they physically block the sun from hitting the skin. As such, they don’t need to go into the skin – making them much gentler than their chemical counterparts. 

Other Advantages that come from using mineral-based products include:

  • They’re typically more cost-effective than chemical brands because you don’t put as much of them on your skin – as you don’t need to. Apply it as you should, and you’ll use much less than the more watery chemical types you’ll find on the market. 
  • They’re better for the environment, as they don’t contain chemicals like octinoxate and oxybenzone. Known to be causing havoc with our coral reefs by bleaching precious marine habitats, the use of chemical sunscreens is a real danger to the planet. 
  • They’re much less likely to irritate the skin, and not just because of the lack of need for absorption. It’s also because manufacturers of chemical sun lotions often use fragrances and other additives to make them more appealing. Great if you’ve got normal skin, but not so much if you have psoriasis, eczema or acne. 
  • The zinc oxide that’s inside most of the top-branded mineral products is actually great for the skin. If you want evidence of that fact, take a look at nappy rash creams and acne treatments, and you’ll often find it listed as an ingredient. They wouldn’t do that if it weren’t gentle. 
  • Mineral products tend to contain more antioxidants. Required to combat free radicals we all come into contact with in the form of pollution, sun exposure and nasty habits like smoking, your skin again benefits from daily application. 

It’s Worth Considering Mineral Sunscreen For a Host of Reasons

When you think that mineral-based sun protection is gentler, more cost-effective, eco-friendly and much better for the skin, you begin to see the wisdom of switching from chemical options. Millions have already done so and are enjoying the many benefits that extend beyond those shown here. 

What we’re talking about is not some manufacturer’s gimmick to get you to reconsider where you spend your money, rather, it’s a genuinely effective product that offers a lot to users. Even if you haven’t got any sensitivities, there are still a mount of reasons to change. 

If for no other reason, think about the longevity of marine habitats that won’t survive if we continue in the way we’re going. If you want them to still be around and not limited to the history books when your grandchildren come along, it’s something to seriously think about. 

By Grace