Whether you’ve always loved carrying Sig Sauer’s most well-known pistol or you just recently bought one, you should look for a concealed carry holster that lives up to the legendary P365’s caliber and reputation.

The weight, concealability, and customization of a high-quality Sig Sauer P365 holster should match those of the handgun. A holster with adjustable retention, riding height, and cant should be your goal. It should be constructed with premium materials. Your sig p365 holster should be well-thought-out, safe, and comfortable above everything else.

Let’s discuss some key features to consider while purchasing a holster for this well-liked weapon.

About the Sig Sauer P365

The Sig Sauer P365, an award-winning pistol that’s quite popular for carrying discreetly, is a gun has it all. Its lightweight stainless steel frame and ultra-compact form make it a pleasant option for daily carrying, while its excellent day and night sights and large magazine capacity elevate its capabilities to a new level.

The 3.1″ carbon steel barrel of the striker-fired handgun is constructed with a long-lasting Nitron coating for enhanced protection. It is offered with two 10-round flush magazines as standard, but 12- or 15-round extended magazines are optional for those who prefer a larger capacity. It is chambered in either.380 or 9mm Luger.

What To Look For in a sig p365 holster

Guns that are sold in large quantities in America include the Sig P365. It goes without saying that if you’re lucky enough to carry one, you’ll want to locate a holster that is just as well made. A high-end sig p365 holster should include the following key components.


When shopping for a P365 holster, the first thing you need think about is the type you require according on the carrying posture.

Inside the waistline is the most common carry position for the P365. This Sig model is very concealable due to its tiny size and design, making it suitable for all standard carry situations.


Holsters are often constructed of three materials: Kydex, nylon, and leather.

  • Leather: For concealed carry, leather holsters are an excellent option. They’re simple to operate, robust, and comfy. The main drawbacks of a leather holster are that they may get somewhat sticky when they come into touch with moisture, perspiration, or humidity, and they wear out more quickly than a Kydex holster.
  • Nylon: Even if they are cozy, nylon holsters are typically not advised for concealed carry since they are not as strong as other types and lose their form when your weapon is taken out, making reholstering challenging and risky.
  • Kydex : Kydex is the ideal material for a concealed carry holster for the Sig P365. When it comes to flexibility, concealability, and durability, these holsters are unparalleled. Even though they are constructed of thermoplastic, they are quite comfy and discrete. You may hear an audible “click” every time you holster your weapon since they are heat molded to precisely fit each and every pistol type, guaranteeing that it will stay in place no matter what.

One of the most important features of a high-quality sig p365 holster is definitely its precise and well-considered design. An excellent design not only ensures a safer carrying setup, but it also improves user comfort.

The accurate fit of a Kydex holster to your firearm is one of its most crucial design features. The physical “click” that Kydex holsters provide to match a particular gun model should allow your handgun to securely click into place until you’re ready to draw.


Adjustability is without a doubt one of the most crucial characteristics of a sig p365 holster, or any holster for that matter. Adjustable retention allows you to further fine-tune your system, while adjustable riding height and cant make it easy to hide your weapon without printing and find a comfortable carry posture.


The P365’s compact size, sleek appearance, and low weight make it perfect for everyday use. It was meant to be taken anywhere. However, an uncomfortable holster may make even the greatest handguns unbearable to carry.

A Kydex/leather hybrid holster is the best option if you’re only searching for the most comfortable sig p365 holster. With the Kydex shell and leather backing of these holsters, you get the comfort and flexibility of leather combined with the accuracy and longevity of plastic holsters.


In order to meet your specific needs and preferences, Craft Holsters offers a wide selection of SIG Sauer P365 holsters made of different materials and designed for different carry techniques, such as the sig p365 holster OWB and the sig p365 holster IWB. Your everyday concealed carry experience will be improved with a flawless fit guaranteed by a custom-molded sig p365 holster.

  • IWB HOLSTERS FOR SIG P365: Examine a variety of SIG P365 IWB holsters made for both open and covert carry. The SIG P365 IWB Holster with Steel Clip combines sturdy performance with ease of use, making it a perfect option for IWB carry. This leather holster is ideal for both strong-side and appendix carry, guaranteeing a safe and easy attachment.
  • SIG P365 POCKET HOLSTER: A superb selection of SIG P365 pocket holsters is available from Craft Holsters, guaranteeing maximum comfort and prompt access to your gun when you need it most. Ideal for people who value comfort and discretion in a carry.

In conclusion

Choosing the right sig p365 holster is essential for comfort, concealability, and customization. Opt for a high-quality, adjustable Kydex holster, considering factors like holster type, material, design, adjustability, and comfort. Craft Holsters offers diverse options to enhance your everyday concealed carry, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

By Grace