Send a snap with the cartoon face lensSend a snap with the cartoon face lens

Want to send a snap with the cartoon face lens? We’ve got you covered! Cartoon lenses are going viral on social media. especially those inspired by Disney-style characters. These filters transform your face into a cute Disney character. Moreover, they make your snaps more attractive. Sharing these cartoon-filtered snaps on Snapchat can grab more attention. especially from friends, family, and followers. These filters are particularly popular on Snapchat compared to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. To use these cartoon face filters, make sure to update your Snapchat app. It’s an easy way to add a fun twist to your snaps and join the trend!

How to send a snap with the cartoon face lens?

To use cartoon face lenses on Snapchat, start by opening the app, and the camera will pop up. Swipe left through the Lenses until you reach the end. Look for the magnifying Lens icon at the bottom right, tap on it, and in the search box, type “Cartoon” to find and choose a lens. Snap a picture with the filter, click next once you’ve taken it. Finally, send your fun cartoon-filtered snap to friends, family, and followers. It’s a simple process to add a playful touch to your snaps and share the cartoon magic with your Snapchat connections!

Points to remember to send a snap with the cartoon face lens

Experiment with Facial Expressions:

Try different facial expressions to see how the Cartoon Face Lens reacts. Smiles, raised eyebrows, and funny faces can result in unique and entertaining animations.

Combine with Other Filters and Effects:

Mix and match the Cartoon Face Lens with other Snapchat filters and effects. Layering effects can create dynamic and interesting snaps.

Collaborate with Friends:

Encourage your friends to use the Cartoon Face Lens. You can create hilarious snaps together, reacting to each other’s animated characters.

Experiment with Colors and Backgrounds:

Explore how different colours and backgrounds interact with the Cartoon Face Lens. Vibrant colours and contrasting backgrounds can make your cartoon character stand out.

Explore Advanced Features:

Snapchat often introduces new features and updates. Keep an eye on app updates to discover any extra features or improvements to the Cartoon Face Lens.

The process to access lens on Snapchat

Open Snapchat and you’ll be on the camera screen; if not, swipe left to get there.  Moreover, ensure your camera faces you, and your face is visible. Long-press on the screen to reveal a lineup of lenses at the bottom. Swipe left or right to browse various options like face filters and animations. However, pick a lens by swiping and clicking on it; it’ll apply to your face. Capture a snap by tapping the button at the screen’s bottom or hold it for video snaps. Customize your snap with text, stickers, or drawings. Explore Snapchat’s creative tools. Once satisfied, hit the send button, select friends, and add it to your story if you want.


In the modern world, folks exchange photos via social media. But, sharing snaps with cartoon face lenses can give your look a fun twist. Sending a daily snap with cartoon lenses helps build long snap streaks with friends. However, having too many friends on Snapchat can get dull.

By Grace