You may or may not know that overnight pimple patch products have become super popular as a way to treat the skin trauma that is a pimple. Able to draw out the nasty stuff inside a zit while stopping you from scratching it, they can be worn at night – hence the name – but also during the day, particularly as some of them are transparent or skin-colored, meaning they’re almost invisible. 

However, one common complaint from people using them is that they don’t stay in place, i.e. they come unstuck and stop doing the job they’re designed to do. The thing is, this only usually happens if you don’t apply them in the way the manufacturers want you to, so in this article, we look at how to ensure that doesn’t happen to you. 

The Right Way to Apply Overnight Pimple Patch Products 

So, the main way to ensure that any overnight pimple patch products stay on for the duration is to first ensure that the area around the zit you’re treating is clean. We’re not just talking about ensuring that all dirt is wiped away, but also free of any skincare products – meaning completely au naturelle. 

What you also need to make sure is that if you have oily skin, you’ve cleaned away excess sebum so that all that’s left is clean, dry skin. Also, when using a towel to dry the skin, be sure to dab it dry rather than rub, or you’ll end up with an open zit. 

Think of the Reasons Band-Aids Don’t Stick 

If you’ve ever tried to apply a band-aid to your skin when it’s wet – what happens? That’s right, the adhesive becomes completely ineffective. The same goes for pimple patches, as they won’t stick if your skin isn’t totally dry. As such, if you’ve applied any moisturizer or other skincare products, you need to wait up to 30 minutes before applying your patch products.

You’ll know if you’ve done the job properly, as your spot patch will not move around at all after it’s put on. Once it’s in place properly, you should leave it there for up to 8 hours, after which it will be time to replace it with a new one. When doing so, the same rules apply.

Overnight Pimple Patch Products Work – When You Let Them! 

As with many makeup and skincare products, you only get the best from pimple patches when you use them correctly. If you’re sweaty, wet or covered in moisturizer when you’re applying them, you have virtually no chance that they’ll stay in place for the requisite amount of time. 

Be sure that you don’t leave them in place for too long, as that causes its own problems. It’s pretty easy to see when a spot patch is full and ready to replace, as it will look white. 

Just before we go, there’s a few things to note to ensure you get the best possible results. First off, never EVER reuse a spot patch, as its efficacy will be compromised. Also, never apply multiple overlapping patches, as it’s known to irritate the skin and doesn’t have much purpose. 

By Grace