It is a fact that OnlyFans has created a space that is hard to get. They have a list of content for people are ready to pay even a year Netflix charge, for which people do say that it is too much. This shows how big the OnlyFans platform has become. Not limited to the United States, but people all over the world are paying great sums to watch some pictures or videos that are impossible to get. On the one hand, humans do say that they always have shortage of spending money. On the other hand, people are spending a lot of money on the platforms like OnlyFans.

This is something that mix of opinions. There is a section who wants to the website to be banned once and for all. But there is another section that feels that there is nothing wrong as here only with paying money it is possible to see the content. As it does not go out to the public, there is nothing bad in having a website like this.

It is what that tells all about the growth the app has taken.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a website where models and good-looking humans do sell their private pictures or videos for money. But first there is a need of subscription for starting the app or website. Otherwise, it is not possible to chat with the person or do host of other things. This is how it works. And indeed, the app is made for adults and only they can make things move forward by buying a subscription and all.

They also use the unpaid version. But that works more sort of other social media networks. There are models who are even making millions of dollars by selling their pictures online. In the media, there has been several debates going on about the app.

The fear of leak?

OnlyFans is made for those who are ready to pay money. Hence, the chances of files going out are not much. But there some platforms like Thotsbay Forum, where it is possible to watch some of these contents for free.  As people do find ways not pay, it makes websites like Thotsbay Forum and many other thrive to the very best level. Hence, this is something that is even big thing to look for as here pics are shown for free and to masses.


There are many governments in India who have banned OnlyFans. But there also people find ways to start using the app. So it something that mixed of opinions. Many do think that it is right as what people do at their home is known our business. But then too, there are others who feel that these platforms are not good and they should be not seen as one of the adult social media apps. This is what that world needs to think in deep as social media has the power to change the world for good and bad reasons. And this is what something that makes it best. 

By Grace