A parent can never forget the terrifying event they saw when their child jumped from a swing and struck his head or fell from monkey bars and broke her arm. Nothing is more distressing to parents than seeing their kids get hurt when they should be playing and enjoying themselves.

For children’s safety on a playground, we must fulfill a few criteria. If they are not, your child may be at risk for serious harm, and those who caused the dangerous setting should be held accountable for their actions. So, let us learn how playgrounds can pose risks to children. 

How unsafe are playgrounds for children?

It might be easy for your child to get injured while playing in this big world. The following are among the most frequent injuries and the locations where they happen:

  1. Falls

Accidents happen at windows, staircases, landings that builders have raised, and other parts of a property that lack proper lighting. Falls can cause serious harm to the skull, neck, and spine, in addition to broken bones.

  1. Getting hit by an object

Sports balls and other falling objects, such as loose playground equipment, could harm your kid. Severe bleeding, respiratory issues, broken bones, unconsciousness, and memory loss can result from this.

  1. Cuts that are serious and puncture the skin

Dangerous tools kept behind or sharp furniture or equipment could lead to injuries to children. Severe infection, bleeding, and numbness in the affected body parts are possible results.

  1. Bites and stings from different animals and insects

These kinds of events, whether they involve an insect or dog bite, can happen anywhere, at any time. Intense bleeding, allergic reactions, diseases, and other issues may arise from this.

  1. Problems from foreign bodies

A child’s hand splinters or any other object they inhale or eat could lead to several digestive problems. Injuries can happen anywhere children can reach these items.

Who is responsible if your child is injured?

After resolving your worries and anger about what happened with your child, you may be asking who is responsible for your child’s injury. Whether the law holds someone accountable for your child’s damages due to another person’s negligence depends on whether the incident occurred on public or private land. It will also be decided by all those who neglected to take the appropriate precautions to protect your child. 

By Grace