Heardle 70sHeardle 70s

Everyone loves playing games online. Some want to play intensive fighting games, while others focus more on less intensive games. There are games like word count, wordle, wonder of words etc. In these games, you have to guess the word of the day. These games sound fun but are very addictive at the same time.

Many people enjoy games that don’t require lots of fighting and intensity. Instead, they prefer games where words and other friendly challenges take centre stage. These games offer a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Moreover, they let players have fun without the stress of constant battles. Word games, puzzles, and other less intense options become favourites. It’s because they provide a break from the high-energy world of fighting games.

if you want suggestions for a less intense game except the words game then Heardle 70s is for you.

About Heardle 70s

This is a song identification game inspired by a popular Wordle app. You will get six attempts to guess the day’s song. It is like a tribute to Wordle by including well-known songs by famous artists. Moreover, if you guess the song correctly, you get the option to hear the full track. The introductory part of the song only plays for two seconds. After that, you can then either guess the song or skip to the next tune.

Tips to note while playing : Heardle 70s

1) listen carefully – pay close attention to the song.

2) analyze smaller elements – If you even recognize the instrument or the humming, narrow down your options.

3) make guesses – even if you are not sure, try to guess the song from your knowledge.

4) use context clues – The context of the game is only songs by famous artists. Moreover, the songs are from the 70s. Try to use the context. 

How is it beneficial?

Improves brain power – the constant guessing of the songs keeps your brain working. Moving with the rhythm and guessing the songs is like a brain exercise.

Sharpens memory – This game keeps improving your working memory. This game engages your focus and memory power.

Reduces stress – researchers have proven that classical music can reduce your stress level. This type of music also relieves a type of stress hormone when people listen to music.

Enhances hearing – When you correctly guess the song, you hum along with it. When people sang every week, their hearing ability improved significantly. Moreover, According to scientists from the United States and Canada, music educates the brain. It asks the brain to look for notes, which improves your ability to hear sounds.


Discover the advantages of Heardle 70s. It’s an amazing guess-the-tune game. it is not available in app stores like Google Play Store or Apple Store. Yet, you can access it through your browser. The rules of the game are pretty much simple, you have to guess the song name with its tune and gradually gain points. This game is nostalgic to those who are a fan of the 70s song collection. Heardle 70s only has tunes of songs from the 70s. this game offers a challenging experience.

By Grace