Flying with kids is stressful, but you can make it easier in some ways, for example keeping them busy with a game. Long hours of flight are hard to survive, especially with a child till the age of 18 months. In most cases, flights to the USA are always long from every location on the Earth, so it would be reasonable to prepare entertainment. You will find the ideas below, the article contains useful rare tips and various options even with improvised means. 

Language and word games

If you want kids to spend time wisely and have fun, especially on the international flight, find some nice options to teach them local phrases and words or slang. Explain to them that it is a great opportunity to practice in a native environment after plenty of English lessons, and as an example, make focus on the names of dishes, names of islands, or even popular spots. You can prepare worksheets, they are available on the sites, and the only thing is to find one connected to the necessary topic. Check variations of word games here. 

After the flight, you will be in a good mood, but exhausted as well, so think about a way of getting to the hotel now and further transportation during the trip. USA cars for rent provide flexibility and comfort from the beginning to the end of your getaway and help to stay in control of everything. 

Mobile games

The best prerogative for long voyages is mobile apps. Their huge variety includes desirable material for every age, and what’s really awesome, facilitates parents’ jobs and lets them have a free minute. There are five clues for the safe usage on board aircraft:

  • Charge your devices before the trip. But if you want to bring a power bank, it should correspond to the FAA and TSA’s rules.
  • Download the apps are working offline.
  • Let the kids choose their favorites. Search adopted apps for toddlers.
  • Remember the devices should be switched to airplane mode. 
  • If you don’t have an idea where to start, check educational or fun apps, like tales untold.

Now is the time to think about actions after the flight. To be free of stress and keep the huge baggage safe, consider SUV rental in America. As far as car road trips need proper preparation, and the main rule for a successful safe journey, pay attention to baby seat options in rental agencies. 

Coloring books

Coloring activity isn’t only a great method to spend time having fun, but also a great therapy for the whole family. Relaxing and creative options will help to tune into a good spirit for further adventures. 

The huge variety allows coloring favorite characters from cartoons, movies, journals, abstract pictures, and so on. Opt for them in any suitable site and mind the children’s wishes. Shop for pencils and crayons together with kids, making them interested and inspired. The process of creativity and self-expression also starts here. That’s also a nice way to spend time on a road trip or buy a special edition with activities. Rent a cheap SUV and take advantage of the spacious cab, putting comfort in the first place. 

Vacation toys 

Travel-friendly toys are usually designed for beaches and are fine for use everywhere. They keep toddlers occupied in the airport and on a plane, and by the way, carry-on luggage may contain two items. There are a lot of ideas about what to bring, but we advise to take something that will keep your attention for a long:

  • Stackable pegs and pegboard
  • Stringy/rubber band balls
  • Magnetic puzzles
  • Beginner book 
  • Soft cloth books

Don’t go crazy with the number of items possible to bring, it would be better to plan beforehand and don’t be concentrated only on stuffed toys. Firstly, if you have an infant, pick up an audiobook for yourself because you will watch the kid sleeping most of the time. Secondly, it increases the variety of activities for little ones at the hotel and in a car. 

Memory games

This category is one of the super interactive ones and bonds all members together. Concentrate on one category, choose topics of discussion, and start. Travel scope provides a lot of ideas, such as packing, activities, and local attractions of destinations. Everyone is supposed to name a subject or name connected to the concept and retell the previous points mentioned by others. If a player forgot something, they’re out and not allowed to go through the next round. 

Want to continue having fun? The pleasure shouldn’t finish at the airport! AWD vehicles provide the best conditions for smooth transportation in any suitable location. Check up on the available models for your dates. 

By Grace