All of us are aware of the negative effects of smoking on our lungs and heart. It also causes a lot of types of cancers and reduces the functioning of our immune system. But very few people know that smoking also impacts our oral health.

That’s why today we will discuss the side effects of smoking on oral health. We will talk about how cigarettes can damage our mouths and teeth.

In the end, we will also introduce you to one of the most popular and reliable NRT products called Ryze nicotine gums and talk about how you can leverage them to quit smoking.

Smoking and oral health – what’s the connection?
Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, piper or hookahs – all of these are oral products.  You light them up and put them in your mouth to inhale the smoke. The smoke then travels to your entire body by getting absorbed into the blood. But the first entry point for this smoke is the mouth and it causes a lot of issues that you might not have even guessed about.

Here is a quick list of oral health issues that happen due to smoking:

  • Bad breath – It is one of the most common side effects of smoking cigarettes. The smell of the smoke not only lingers around your clothes or hair but also your mouth. You must have also noticed instantly when a person who has just smoked and talks, there is this pungent smell of smoke. It does not matter how many mouth fresheners you have, the bad smell stays and is very much noticeable. 
  • Tooth decay – People who smoke are more likely to develop tooth decay than nonsmokers. The reason behind this is the nicotine present in the tobacco. When consumed, the nicotine slows down the mouth’s ability to make saliva. This results in a dry mouth. (you must have noticed people who smoke a lot complain about dryness often). As you know saliva is critical in washing food and bacteria from the teeth, its absence results in tooth decay. It is also interesting to note here that young children who are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke have higher rates of tooth decay in their primary teeth, compared with those who are not exposed.
  • Gum diseases – A type of infection of the gums, it can affect the bone structure that holds teeth in the jaw. In some cases, these diseases can even result in the falling out of the teeth. Since smoking also decreases a person’s immunity, they are not able to fight off any infections. Smokers also take a longer time to heal, hence they end up suffering from gum infections more often. 
  • Oral cancer. Tobacco use increases the risk of oral cancer in the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, sinuses, saliva glands, and throat.
  • Stained teeth and loss of taste and smell. Nicotine and tar in tobacco stain teeth and can turn them yellow. There is actually a term called ‘smoker’s teeth’. Smoking also affects the ability to taste and smell. It reduces both significantly.

In conclusion, smoking can damage your oral cavities and make you unattractive. Now that you understand these hazardous effects of smoke on oral health, it is now time to meet a reliable companion that will not only help fight the nicotine cravings and also help you maintain oral hygiene.

Meet Ryze nicotine gums – a refreshing treat that  helps with smoking cessation!

They are a type of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) product that is specially designed to help with smoking cessation. There are many reasons that make nicotine gums a popular choice for quitters. The ease and convenience of consumption, the rapid availability, the portability and the decent Nicotine Chewing Gum Price make it a hit!

These gums work on the principle of gradual reduction. The idea is to start with a nicotine gum that matches your needs and eventually switch to a lower dose. When you chew on nicotine gums, they slowly release a controlled amount of nicotine into the body that is free of cigarette smoke.
As nicotine addiction and nicotine withdrawal symptoms make it really difficult to quit smoking, these products help in managing these unpleasant symptoms that make it difficult to stay away from cigarettes.

In addition to this, Ryze nicotine gums are specially designed to promote oral health. They also help deal with the oral fixation of cigarettes and the sugar-free formula makes them a good choice.

Ryze nicotine gums are available in a number of different flavors that not only makes the reliable but also tasty. These flavors give you the freedom to choose as per your preference and add a layer of personalisation to the quitting process. This also helps in reducing the boredom of chewing the same gums again and again. The refreshing flavors keep your mouth busy and fresh in a healthy manner. They also act as effective mouth fresheners.

The Ryze nicotine gums are also easy to chew and do not cause any jaw discomfort. This means that you can easily use them throughout the day.

In all – nicotine gums can turn out  to be a powerful ally that not only helps with smoking cessation but also promotes oral health. But there is one thing that you should keep in mind while using them – do not self prescribe or get started on them on your own.

Understand that these are medicated products and hence you  must consult with your healthcare provider before getting started on these or any other NRT product. They are absolutely safe to use but having a medical opinion will further help you plan a personalized journey depending on your smoking pattern and lifestyle. Additionally, make sure that you follow the instruction manual carefully.

By Grace