Renting a car in England will require that you have a credit card registered in your name among other documents.You are probably wondering why do you need a credit card to rent a car.The credit card covers all payments incurred and must therefore have enough available credit to cover both the rental charges and a security deposit for other expenses that may arise. Cards that do not meet the “CHIP” and “PIN” security criteria are not permitted.

In addition, you will present the following documents:

  • Drivers licence. The renter must have a valid physical copy of the driving licence as digital licences are not accepted. Foreign renters must check with local legislation for additional requirements to avoid fines.
  • Valid ID. In addition, the renter must provide valid identification documents be it a Passport or Identification card. The identification documents are to affirm that the renter is 25+ years old and is the rightful owner of the credit card presented. 
  • Valid credit card. All major credit cards are accepted for payment.

In the case that payment is made by a third party, the main driver must be registered during booking.

Most people also wonder how long does car rental hold on credit card? Well, this varies from one rental company to another. Usually the hold remains until the rental company is paid.  Before settling on which car rental service to use, other than confirming how much on credit card to rent a car, make a point of knowing their credit card policy too.

Can I Rent a Car Without a Credit Card?

Most car rental companies in the UK provide no credit card car hire options and will accept major debit cards as the mode of payment.

  • The card must be valid and in the name of the main driver.
  • The card must match the renter’s country of residence.

Car hire without credit card uk is quite common because debit cards come with some form of security but also bring with them certain disadvantages when used for car rentals.

A variety of car rental options are available for car hire without credit card deposit, inclusive of airport rentals with a range of vehicles to suit your specific needs. Van rentals using debit cards are available all over England: London, Manchester, Birmingham and other major cities in England. There are several websites providing a comprehensive review of these rental services. for instance provides a detailed review on 7-seater car hire and other car rental options in the UK. Payments for most van rentals in the UK can be made using a UK debit card.

Returning the Rental Car

To avoid confusion when returning your rental car, confirm the drop off point with the representative since some companies use different collection and drop off points. For those visiting England and are wondering how can you rent a car without a credit card? There are a variety of airport car rental services that are pretty pocket friendly. You can find car hire no credit card required at Birmingham Airport for as low as £15 per day or £50 for a full size SUV. 

Vehicle Condition

 After conducting extensive research, you have finally settled on the car rental company of your choice and selected a vehicle of your preference. It is highly advisable that you thoroughly inspect the vehicle issued to you and note any defects. Incase of any damages make sure to report to the company representative. Details about the condition of the vehicle are recorded in a diagram sheet which must be filled and signed by both the renter and the rental car representative prior to handing over the vehicle.If there are any imperfections or damages on the vehicle make sure to inform the company representative and that it is properly indicated in the diagram sheet to avoid extra charges when returning the vehicle.

Fuel gauge and Additional features

To get value for your money and avoid unnecessary extra costs you are advised to keep some form of photographic evidence of the amount of fuel in the car, the vehicle’s mileage reading, time and date reading.

The law in England provides for both car hire credit card payment or car hire without credit a card, the decision on which option to use is left entirely to the renter. How good a deal you get will depend on how extensively you carry out your research on the available options.

Every customer has their unique preferences and most car rental companies will provide additional and special features that are most often than not included in the total cost. Unless it is absolutely necessary, it is wise to avoid these extras as they are unnecessary and will cost you more. These additional features include extras such as GPS navigation systems, bike racks, child seats, etc.

By Grace