Tired of being stuck in the same rank? Dominate the competition and climb the ladder right now with Valorant rank boosting from U7Buy! Valorant is a competitive game that offers many ways to test your mettle against the other players. The Valorant Champions Tour is a tournament series organized by the developing company, Riot Games. The next season promises to shake things up with significant updates for the Challenger leagues.

Thoughts on the Valorant Challenger Leagues

The inclusion of international leagues took the Valorant tournament ahead. As for the Challenger leagues, the developers are not quite 100% happy with how those have turned out. The good part is that new and veteran players took part in these leagues. There was interest from well-established teams. The guest slot system proved to be the right call. Many of these leagues have become popular. More than 140,000 viewers followed the NA league. France beat that record with 164,000 watchers at peak times. There was a good response from Spain and Turkey as well. With 160,000 views, Japan is the most popular league. Even if the other countries had fewer viewers, the audience was fantastic as well. The Challengers attracted many pro players. There are many clear indications that this system is successful, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved. Namely, the viewership of some leagues and calendars could use more tweaking.

The Future of the Valorant Challenger Leagues

Not all of the leagues have a desirable viewership level. And that is, partly, because they overlap. Challenger leagues, international leagues, and global events are running at the same time. The competition is on two fronts: air time and views. The events are indeed taking place at different hours, but that’s not really helping as it is too much to watch for a single day. There is a very small number of viewers who watch all the daily streams. It would seem that viewers prefer International leagues and global events. Challenger leagues were the least popular when fans had to choose what to watch. The organizers are aware of the importance of the viewership. Successful leagues with many viewers attract better funding. This results in better prizes, salaries, and benefits for the participants. The calendar is another aspect that could use some improvements. The Challenger teams are not developing as they should because they don’t have enough reps. The teams that don’t make it to the Ascension tournament finish the season in June. More than six months pass without them taking part in an official tournament. This is a long off-season. The plan is to have more third-party tournaments in the off-season. The success in the Challenger leagues is what influences the teams in this tier. That will most likely remain the same. The Challenger leagues are meant as a stop on the way to the highest tier of professional play. Teams should aspire to play in these leagues but don’t make this the final goal.

What We Can Expect to See in the Valorant Challenger Leagues Season

For now, the Challenger leagues run half of the year. They start in January and end in June. The first change is to make them run all year. This should improve the viewership. Some sacrifices to the streaming content are in order. The initial phase of the stage competitions will not be entirely broadcast. Solutions to make up for this are being explored. One solution is to allow creators to host streaming parties. Challenger Ascension will take place after Champions in September. This way, it will not share the spotlight with another event Explore U7BUY and choose from our range of Valorant boosting options to suit your needs!

By Grace