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History of Candy Shops in Singapore

The sweet smell of candy has been a staple of Singaporean life for centuries. Candy shops have been around since the early 19th century, when they were first opened by Chinese immigrants in the area. The history of candy shops can be traced back to their roots in traditional Chinese culture, where candy was used to celebrate important occasions like weddings and festivals. In the late 19th century, candy stores began popping up all over Singapore. These stores sold an array of sugary treats including boiled sweets and chocolate bars that were imported from abroad. As time went on, more and more locals started opening their own establishments that catered to different tastes and preferences.  During this period, local confectioneries began experimenting with new recipes by introducing unique flavors such as durian-infused sweets or rose syrup-flavored snacks. Many of these recipes have remained popular till today, making them iconic among Singaporeans. 

Popular Types of Candy Found in Singaporean Shops

Candy is a classic sweet treat enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. For those living in Singapore, there are plenty of popular types of candy to choose from when visiting local shops. From classic gummy bears to chocolate-covered marshmallows, candy shop Singapore offers a variety of options to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

One popular type of candy found in Singaporean shops is gummy bears. These small, chewy treats come in an array of colors and flavors and are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Gummy bears are often found at most convenience stores, making them an easy snack option for on-the-go snacking or as a special treat for kids and adults alike. 

Another favorite type of candy available at Singaporean shops is chocolate-covered marshmallows. These delicious treats consist of fluffy marshmallows coated with silky smooth milk or dark chocolate – perfect for sharing with friends or family members! Chocolate-covered marshmallows come in several sizes and shapes, making it even easier for everyone to find their favorite version. 

Uniquely Singaporean Candy Items

Singaporeans have a long-standing sweet tooth, so it’s no surprise that the country boasts some of the most unique and delicious candy items around. Here are a few of our favorites that you must try when you visit this amazing city-state:

1. Candy Floss: One of the most iconic Singaporean treats is candy floss, or “cotton candy” as it’s known in other parts of the world. This fluffy concoction is made from sugar and food coloring, and comes in an array of colors and flavors. It’s served on a stick for easy eating – perfect for snacking any time!

2. Kacang Putih: Kacang putih literally translates to “white nuts” – these crunchy treats are made from peanuts roasted in sugar syrup until golden brown. The result is an incredibly addictive snack that’s often found being sold at traditional markets or hawker centers around town. 

3. Gula Melaka: Gula melaka (also known as palm sugar) is a type of traditional unrefined cane sugar made from the sap extracted from coconut flowers – it has a distinct caramel flavor with notes of vanilla and cinnamon, which makes it great for baking desserts.

Benefits of Eating Candies from Local Shops

Many of us have a sweet tooth, and there’s nothing quite like indulging in a sugary treat. But when it comes to buying candy, why not go for something local? There are lots of benefits to eating candies from local shops that you may not have considered before.

For starters, you’ll know what you’re getting is fresh. When candy is made locally, it doesn’t need to sit on shelves for long periods of time waiting to be sold. That means the flavor will be at its peak when you eat it! Plus, many local shops use natural ingredients in their recipes, so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body as well.

Another great advantage is that buying from local shops helps support your community. Small business owners often struggle to keep their doors open due to competition with larger chains and online stores. By choosing locally-made products instead of mass-produced ones, your money goes directly into the pockets of people who work hard every day to make sure they can provide quality goods and services in your area. 


In conclusion, Candy Shop Singapore is a great place to find unique and delicious treats. They have a wide variety of candy and snacks from all over the world, as well as locally made products. The shop is clean and inviting, with friendly staff who are always willing to help. With their extensive selection of sweets, they are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

By Grace