Whether you are a first-time gun owner or an experienced gun handler, gun safety should always be your top priority. A sound gun storage system preserves your gun from rust and fire and helps keep it away from children. 

Keeping your guns safe prevents unauthorized access, which could lead to theft. In many states, gun safety is highly enforced for child safety. For example, Michigan has recently passed a big that will require all gun owners to have a gun locking feature in all storage devices. All gunsmith Michigan are proactive in reminding customers of this law.

Guns are highly prone to rust and flammable in case of fire.

The following are the five best ways of storing your guns:

Using Standard Box Safes

Many owners use the standard box safes to store their guns as they have a broad size and shape ranges. When selecting a box safe, factor in the size that you need. A good space should house your current gun and leave space for future space requirements. 

The right size should also have shelves and compartments to house the magazines and other gun accessories. You will find this space helpful in keeping relevant gun-related documents such as firearms transfer records and tax stamps.

Installing Bedside Gun Safes 

Bedside gun safes provide quick access to your weapon, facilitating rapid retrieval when needed. It is also secure since it keeps the gun nearby.

Although some prefer keeping the firearms on the surface or an unlocked bedside cabinet, a gun safe will prevent unauthorized access. To comply with gun storage laws in some states, a bedside gun safe will help you be gun safety compliant.

There are various types and designs of bedside gun safes:

  • Drawer gun safes: Designed specifically for handguns, they are installed inside a nightstand’s drawer. In some instances, it replaces the nightstand drawer.
  • Drop-down safes: A drop-down safe securely stores the gun under your desk or inside a vehicle. Due to their sizes, they are only designed to house a small handgun. It can either slide up or down while presenting an easy grip.
  • Under-the-bed safes: If you prefer a safe place for your short gun that is also out of sight, an under-the-bed safe provides just that. Although it can be optimized to house one or two relatively long guns, most people use it for handguns. 
  • Clamshell safes: Clamshell safes are the easiest to have. One safe can hold one or two handguns, which are lightweight and convenient. The locking system for clamshell is also quite simple.

The In-Wall Gun Safes

An in-wall safe is mounted on a wall just like any other traditional box safe, although they are concealed within it. 

The most significant benefit of an in-wall safe is its ability to save space. The designer utilizes a space that would have been abandoned, meaning there will be no space inconveniences. An in-wall gun safe meets all protective standards, such as moisture control, robust locking system, and fire resistance.

The single main challenge with an in-wall gun safe is the complexity of installation. Depending on the initial plan of your house, you might have to physically alter your home to accommodate it.  

       The Concealed Gun Safes

The most experienced gunsmith Michigan recommends a gun safe that will blend into your décor. Unlike other entirely predictable safes, concealed gun safes offer a clever option for storing your gun. Although it could fail the lockability test, concealed gun safes will come in handy in a situation that calls for unpredictability. 

Concealed gun safes could be a picture frame, a shelve décor, a false book, or a false air ventilation. Some advanced models have a radio-frequency identification (RFID) installed for additional security features. 

Vehicle Gun Safes

Sometimes, you will need a safe but accessible gun storage for your car. Vehicle gun safes are similar to most desk gun safes, although attached to one side of the car’s console. The overt vehicle gun safes are accessible from the driver’s and passenger’s seats, depending on where you install them.

Modern vehicle gun safes have a concealed option installed at different vehicle compartments. 


Storing your gun is a best practice and a legal requirement. Always ensure that you consider the benefits and the drawbacks of every storing option before installation 

By Grace