The internet is a place that can make or break a person’s standing in the world. There are many trends that start on the internet these days and are followed by almost everyone. One such trend was set a few years back named the ‘241543903’.

What is the 241543903 challenge?

The 241543903 trend was a unique challenge started by David Horvitz, a New York based artist, in 2009. He put his head in the refrigerator and posted the picture on his Flickr account. He captioned the picture with the numbers ‘241543903’. On his insistence, many others started posting the same kind of pictures and thus, this became a trend.

The challenge spread all over the internet. All social media apps, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc were filled with pictures of people following this trend. Till January 2010, there were hardly any people left in the world who did not participate in this craze. Several strangers came together on the internet and turned someone’s experiment into an art work.

After Effects

If you search 241543903 on Google, you will encounter pictures of people with their heads inside the refrigerator. The phenomenon was so powerful that it still has its effect on people. The mind-set of people to follow what’s in trend and not miss out is evident in this challenge. It can easily be derived from this challenge that people can actually do anything in the name of trend and fashion.

Without questioning, people accepted what was being followed by others. They simply followed everyone blindly. This has also been studied by many researchers in the psychology department. The fear of missing out that people have is a huge factor that contributes in them participating in these crazy trends online and offline. This has been going on way before internet came into the picture.

Many dove into this trend just to have fun and enjoy. They wanted to figure out what it was that made people go crazy over the challenge. It was started as maybe a fun art activity and people actually took it seriously. This also demonstrates the power and hold of social media and internet these days. Ever since internet was introduced to ease people’s life, it has been used and upgraded to make everything easier. Unknown people connecting and bonding over something so simple is magnificent.

Use of the Internet

The internet is strong weapon for many. It can help or destroy people depending on how they decide to use it. The 241543903 challenge is a testament to the fact that the internet can easily turn something insignificant to the most important thing in people’s lives. The platform that the internet provides to unite people from different parts of the world and make them do something seemingly crazy is something to be studied about. For some it might be craziness but some may name it as fun. The same phenomenon can be deemed as different experiences depending on perspectives of the people. The internet can be a really fun place if people want it to be. Instead of bullying and focusing on the negatives, people can easily modify their way of seeing things and make it more optimistic. Internet can be a great place if used wisely.

By Grace